Version 1.04

1.04 changes:
*** Bugfix ***
– Fixed a TLS version bug, backend communication is working again
– Fixed minor bugs
*** Engine ***
– Game engine update: Unity 2018
– From now on, Linux and Mac OS X are 64-bit only due to engine limitations
– Library updates

Version 1.03

1.03 changes:
*** System Changes ***
– Added a difficulty selection system (casual, easy, original, hard)
*** Steam ***
– Added Steam trading cards
– Save files and settings are stored in the cloud when playing on Steam
*** Bugfix ***
– Fixed a bug related to passive skills
– The top 10 display is now updated after finishing a dungeon

Version 1.02

1.02 changes:
*** Appearance ***
– Added an option to get to the main menu from pvp mode
– Reduced the menu text overhead
*** Balance ***
– Slightly decreased Orbit Shield damage
– Reduced the respec drink costs by about 20% for higher hero levels
– Reduced the respec drink costs a lot for heroes with level 17 or lower
*** System Changes ***
– Enemies’ damage now gradually decreases when they combo you
*** Engine ***
– Game engine update: Unity 5.2.4

Version 1.01

1.01 changes:
*** New ***
– Added 18 new epic items to the drop pool
*** System Changes ***
– The EXP cap is a lot softer now
– Buying the scoundrel’s dice now gives a small epic find chance bonus
– Vamp Hunter’s orbit shield is no longer breakable
*** Appearance ***
– Epic effects added to off/def rating: Ace, Bee, Ex, Why, Storm’s Punch, Vampire’s Spell
– The guard chance calculation for defense rating is correct now
– Melee/ Ranged/ Special 40 bonuses are now added to the offensive rating calculation
– Renamed the “Evade” passive to “Avoid”
*** Balance ***
– Increased the Angel Blessing (not Demon Blessing) stat bonus by 50%
– Increased the blessing cap for all game+ dungeons
– Increased the EXP gained in game+ dungeons
– Offensive 40 bonus is now +15% crit. chance & +40% crit. damage
– Defensive 40 bonus is now +25% chance to evade (any incoming damage)
– Slightly buffed the passive Vampire’s Teeth
– Epic item buffs: Storm’s Guard, Ninja’s Hood, Ninja’s Ambush, Dreifarb
– Slightly reduced evil plant enemies’ skill damage
– Slightly reduced boss 1-1 damage
– Slightly reduced boss 9-1 damage
– Slightly buffed boss 6-3 and its game+ version
– Increased all guard chance values by about 30%
– All damage, defense, HP and heal per room on items increased by about 5%
*** Quality of Life ***
– Pressing and holding “A” now chains the base combo
– Pressing and holding “RB” now executes a block whenever possible
*** Bugfixes ***
– Game engine update: Unity 5.2.2
– Reduced the pool size of the pooling system

Version 1.00

1.00 changes:
*** New ***
– Added two new hero classes: Vamp Hunter & Mage
– You can now find epic items in big treasure chests (low chance, but powerful!)
*** System Changes ***
– You now get bonus base attack (“A”) damage from level ups
– You can now delete heroes ingame
– Potions now heal all players in multiplayer
– Bots in PvP now only choose unlocked champions
*** Balance ***
– Nerfed boss 1-1 and boss 1-2
– Slightly slowed down cast speeds of: comet rain, fire ball
– Decreased comet rain damage
– Increased flamestrike damage
– Combo-3 shot from Paladins and Archers now pierce
– The center arrow from multishot now has increased damage and pierces
– Gaze learned a new trick…
– Rebalanced scoundrel gold cost
*** Bugfixes ***
– Performance boost!
– Fixed a display bug for items showing slightly too high values for XBY damage
– Fixed a bug that lead to wrong gravity settings in air combos
– Bugfix: Main menu go back display error fixed

Version 0.93

0.93 changes:
*** New ***
– Added the scoundrel NPC that offers expensive artifacts (available after clearing dungeon 3)
*** System Changes ***
– Removed minimum damage taken, go full def if you want to :-)
– Reduced variation of the number of rooms per stage
– Every boss now has a fix boss room layout
*** Balance ***
– Increased Multishot damage
– Reduced enemy archers’ basic attack speed
– Decreased sky slash damage of avatars
– Slightly increased boss room exp, increased cap
– Slightly nerfed Boss 7-3
– Slight rebalance for game+ dungeons
– Reduced inventory upgrade costs
– Increased movement speed factor on items
*** Bugfixes ***
– OpenGL2 systems now default to “Ingame Look” 1 to prevent invisible characters
– Increased some scripts’ performance to reduce lag when lots of shots are on the screen
– Fixed a bug that decreased the number of statues in small stages
– Fixed a bug displaying too high def rating with high heal per room
– Minor bugfixes

Version 0.92

0.92 changes:
*** New ***
– New hero class: Archer (beat dungeon 4 to unlock)
– New enemy types: archer types for skeletons and demons
*** Appearance ***
– Increased the brightness of some dungeons
– Items now display their quality and maximum durability
– Added Kickstarter ‘Bronze Edition’ backer names to the credits
*** Balance ***
– Slightly increased the Barbarian’s base attack speed
– Slightly rebalanced ostriches to reduce lag
– Added the new archer enemies to dungeon 1, 3 and 6
– AI: Better estimate skills with multiple shots
– AI: Better estimate skills with offset shots
*** Bugfixes ***
– Fixed an upgrade bug on items with more than 3 stats

Version 0.91

0.91 Changes:
*** New ***
– Added Steam Achievements
*** Balance ***
– Slightly nerfed Bosses 9-1, 9-3 and 12-1
– Multiplayer mode is a little bit easier now
*** Bugfix ***
– Changed the target frame rate from infinite to 90
– Loading screen display bug fixed
– Minor Bugfixes

Version 0.90

0.90 Changes:
*** New ***
– New hero class: Sentinel (beat dungeon 3 to unlock)
– Added a “Credits” page for the main menu
– Heroes and enemies got a thin outline
– Added an option to deactivate character outlines and/or lighting
*** Appearance ***
– Slightly changed the Barbarian sprites
– Slightly changed the Paladin sprites
– Players are now able to choose a hero color in adventure mode
– Boss rooms and treasure room now have a special minimap icon
*** Balance ***
– Nerfed bosses 1-1 and 1-2 a little bit
*** Versus ***
– Avelane’s bot AI: better cross trap usage
*** Bugfix ***
– Enemies are no longer able to push qustion mark dudes and altars
– Emtpy room in pvp fix
– Minor bugfixes

Version 0.82

0.82 Changes:
*** Appearance ***
– UI now shows gamepad and keyboard button icons
– Redesigned the tutorial stage
*** Balance ***
– Dungeon 4 and higher: Rebalance
– The Exp curve for higher levels is more sane now
– Exp loss when dying is capped at 40% of the required Exp
– Chest gold drops now scale with the dungeon level
– Boss gold drops now scale with the dungeon level
– Angel and Demon blessings now scale with the dungeon level
– Hardcore players now only find demon statues
– The chance to find angel statues increases with a high death count (softcore)
– Enemies got some extra power against low level heroes
– Lasers: Flinch duration reduced
– High level items (game+) have much higher stat values
– Heal per Room now grants some bonus HP when at the cap
– Bonus attack damage based on your lowest skill damage bonus
*** Bugfixes ***
– Killing all regular enemies in a room automatically removes all summons and clones
– Fixed minor bugs

Version 0.81

0.81 Changes:
It should be viable to play a full offensive as well as a full defensive build. That’s why some caps have been loosened:
– Increased cap for various stats
– Increased max. damage taken for boss ads
– Skills with a low number of hits now have a multiplier for enemy max. damage taken
– Critical hit and guard chance damage now calculates after the damage cap
General balance changes:
– Boss 4-1 ultimate: Now easier to evade
– Boss 4-2 ads nerfed
– Start rooms no longer contain pots and chests
– Clearing a boss room heals some HP for all players
– Passive skill tree rebalance
– Removed the skill shield from some enemy types
– Enemies cycle through the colors of skill shields to prevent multiple same colored skill shields in the same room (if possible)
– More exp gained in later dungeons

Version 0.50

0.50 Changes:
– Slightly reduced the number of rooms per stage
– Minimum damage taken (from enemies) now has a 2s cooldown. This supports gameplay with high defensive stats.
– Lowered the exp curve for heroes below level 80 (to gain level-ups faster)
– Added visual effects when collecting gold or being healed
– Added a short delay before being able to collect powerups
– Added a visual effect for every skill/ animation/ buff that grants Endu or Invi
– Stage 1-1 is a tutorial now (if your hero’s level is low)
– New Enemy Buff: Skill Shield, can only be broken by the matching attack
– All Enemies: Rebalance
– Added a “brightness” value to the options menu
– The inventory menu is now more linear and easier to navigate
– The blacksmith menu no longer shows empty item slots
– Bugfixes…
*** Web ***
– Added a Highscore (Top100) that resets monthly:
– The Top10 are displayed ingame
– Added a Daily Log that logs every score:
– Added an option to tweet your score with a link to your Daily Log entry
*** System Changes ***
– Destroying all objects in a room felt like a chore to some players, two changes:
1) Crates and barrels no longer drop powerups
2) Increased the spawn chance for chests and pots (they always drop powerups)
– Dying in an endboss battle felt frustrating, because you had to beat stage 1 and stage 2 again:
1) You can restart a single stage now (from the “Pause” menu or the “Game Over” menu)
2) The score for evasion and best dungeon time do not reset when restarting a stage

Version 0.02

I got lots of feedback for version A0.01. The first two dungeon stages have been nerfed and it’s easier now to heal some HP for new characters. All of the changes below should help new players to survive the first ten to twenty minutes and therefor help getting new players into the game. I’m also working on a tutorial for a future version.

0.02 Changes:
– Players: “Grounded” animation duration halved
– Players: Added some native heal per room
– Players: Level ups now heal 25% HP
– All Enemies: Attack animation speed reduced
– All Enemies: Stage 1 enemies deal 40% less damage
– All Enemies: Stage 2 enemies deal 20% less damage
– Enemy “Headless”: Zombie head shots no longer lift up
– Enemy “Ghost”: Increased shock wave skill cooldown
– Destructible “Stone Statue”: HP halved (now survives 10 hits)…
– Menu: Players are forced to visit the stat points screen until they used them all
– Menu: Less useless/ one choice only/ empty screens